Covid-19 Update:  We are currently offering remote services for Educational Therapy/specialized tutoring, counseling, executive functioning coaching, and social cognitive support.  We have also resumed in-person assessment services and are completing those in the backyards of client’s homes (when possible) with the use of PPE in order to reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission as much as possible. Please contact us at info@turningpointsed.com for more information about services and appointments.


The name Turning Points Educational Solutions was chosen to remind us that we each have the power to make turns or changes in our lives that lead to growth and success. As learners, we all face challenges. Once we have a clear picture of our individual learning strengths and needs, we can face those challenges by pursuing personalized learning strategies and interventions. At that point that we are able to more easily navigate our own path to success.

Our mission is to help students—and those working with them—identify their individual learning profiles in order to advocate for their needs, study more efficiently, and access the most effective interventions and services.  A comprehensive evaluation and individualized interventions/services will help students navigate their own path toward lifelong learning success.

What makes Turning Points Educational Solutions unique

  • Detailed and individualized recommendation plan that includes research-based interventions and contact information for professionals that provide those interventions
  • Knowledge of school-based services as well as private interventions
  • Experience with students of all ages, preschool through collegiate level
  • Autism/social cognitive assessment and intervention
  • School neuropsychological and psycho-educational assessments
  • Consultation about IEP’s, 504 Accommodation/Modification Plans, and school-based accommodations/services
  • Resources-sample letters to request assessment, practical interventions, and Facebook/blog posts