Delores Melin

Delores Melin, M.A.

Educational Specialist

Delores is an Educational Specialist at Turning Points. She has a broad range of educational experiences that can enrich the learner academically, socially and vocationally. Her expertise of over thirty years includes roles as a Vocational Specialist, Resource Specialist, Program Specialist and Coordinator of Pupil Services and Teacher on Special Assignment. Throughout her career, she has provided training in research-based educational programs and behavioral/learning strategies as well as ensuring appropriate educational progress by aligning Individual Educational Plans to rigorous educational standards.

She has worked with learners from elementary through high school and utilizes a variety of research-based programs and strategies including Barton Reading & Spelling System, Visualizing and Verbalizing (V&V), Language! AVID, Guided Reading, Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop. Her skills and knowledge of curriculum assist learners to progress as deeply and quickly as possible and have the understanding and skills necessary to progress to their next phase of learning.

She has a Master’s degree in Special Education Learning Disabilities and a Bachelor’s degree in Audiology and Speech Sciences from Michigan State University.

In her free time, she enjoys hiking, golfing and taking culinary classes. She enhances her knowledge of curriculum and instruction through workshops and current educational research.

Professional Credentials and Authorizations:

  • Communicatively and Learning Handicapped/Mild to Moderate
  • Educator Authorization Autism
  • Cross Cultural, Language Acquisition and Development Certificate
  • Resource Specialist Competency Verification
  • Administrative Credential


  • Advocate of the Year, Department of Rehabilitation