Russell Floyd

Russell J. Floyd II, M.A., Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Russell J. Floyd II is a clinical psychologist at Turning Points. Throughout his education and career he has worked with individuals experiencing a wide range of difficulties including anxiety, mood, obsessive-compulsive, personality, and psychotic disorders, grief and loss, and addiction.  He specializes in conducting psychoeducational, psychological, and neuropsychological assessments with the goal of providing insight into each individual’s unique set of strengths and skills, in order to maximize their potential for success.

 Dr. Floyd also specializes in providing psychotherapy from an integrated and evidence-based approach, utilizing psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and dialectical behavioral therapies.  He believes an open and nonjudgmental environment is essential to each individual’s ability to gain insight into themselves, their environments, and others.  He views the psychotherapeutic process as a journey he travels with each client to foster acceptance and understanding, which will ultimately diminish the presence of anxiety, depression, and other troubling symptoms.  Russell provides individual, couples, and family therapy, psychoeducational and process-oriented group therapy, and the development and implementation of behavior modification plans.

He completed his undergraduate studies at Occidental College, where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.  For his graduate career, he attended the American School of Professional Psychology in San Diego and Orange County, where he received a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family therapy, and a Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology.
His professional associations include:
American Psychological Association
California Psychological Association
In his spare time, Russell enjoys cooking for friends and family, and sharing in his newfound passion for baking sourdough bread.