Sharon Qi

Sharon Qi, M.A., Ph.D., APC

Associate Professional Clinical Counselor (APCC)/Educational Specialist

Sharon is an APCC (supervised by Kaye Bishop, LMFT, Lic. 22620) who is providing both counseling and educational/learning support for clients at Turning Points. Sharon has a background in teaching Special Education, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and autism intervention, educational research through the Stanford Research Institute, as well as teaching at the collegiate level. She is also certified as a Career Coach through the Career Development Network. She is currently completing required hours towards her Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) certification. Her training and experience in both the education and counseling fields allows her to uniquely provide both therapeutic and learning support for clients who have a combination of those needs. Her expertise allows her to address challenges related to anxiety, depression, cultural adjustment, career counseling, executive functioning/self-regulation, social cognition, and learning/test performance. She is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese, as well as English, and works with clients from elementary school through adulthood. She enjoys helping clients improve their well-being by becoming more confident, positive, capable, and independent in their academic and personal lives.

Sharon holds a master’s degree in Special Education from Ohio University, and a doctoral degree in Special Education and Early Literacy Research from the University of Pittsburgh. Recently, she completed the ABA master’s level certification program from the Florida Institute of Technology and a counseling master’s program through San Jose State University. She has two research papers published, another paper accepted for publication, and one research project newly initiated—each of which are related to Special Education, mental health with minority ethnic groups, and autism intervention.

Sharon leads a vibrant personal life. After raising two children who are now in their adulthood, she loves traveling abroad, exercising at the gym, and watching opera performances with her husband.

Her professional associations include:
-California Association for Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors (CALPCC)