Shelley Harrison

Shelley Harrison, M.S., Ed.S., NASP, ABSNP

Licensed Educational Psychologist

In addition to being a Licensed Educational Psychologist, Shelley is also a Nationally Certified School Psychologist and Board Certified School Neuropsychologist.  She graduated from Fordham University in New York, New York with a double masters in School Psychology.  In 2015, she earned a post-graduate diplomate in School Neuropsychology.  This program provided Shelley with advanced skills in school-based assessments through understanding student performance from a brain-based perspective.

Shelley’s experience includes working as a school psychologist, an adjunct professor at a community college, an executive functioning coach, and a 1:1 tutor/educational specialist.  As a school psychologist, she has provided assessment, counseling, and academic intervention services.  During her experience, she initiated an after-school program, The Ambassador Club, where middle school students were paired with elementary students who struggled with reading.  A component of the program focused on mentorship and increasing student responsibility.  In her work as an adjunct professor, she taught a Student Success course that focused on developing strategies, habits, and values necessary for students to take charge of their own academic and personal development.  In addition to working as an executive functioning coach, she also has experience as an educational specialist supporting students in the areas of reading decoding/comprehension, spelling, written expression, and math through Algebra I.  She uses a variety of tools and programs in her work with students, including; Orton-Gillingham, the Barton Reading, Spelling System, the Visualizing and Verbalizing (V&V) program, and Engage New York math curriculum.

When students experience academic difficulties, it can take an emotional toll on their self-concept. Shelley aims to foster each student’s ability to understand how they learn in order to be a more successful self-directed learner.  She believes every child is capable of reaching their potential when provided the necessary strategies and supports tailored to their unique learning profile.  Shelley has a particular interest in determining ways to increase intrinsic motivation through helping students understand how to study in ways that work best with their own personal learning strengths and challenges.

In her free time, Shelley enjoys spending time with her significant other and her dog, planning her next adventure, reading, running and volunteering.

Her professional associations include:
CASP – California Association of School Psychologists
NASP – National Association of School Psychologists