Turning Points Educational Solutions provides services for students with all types of learning needs and of all ages, preschoolers through graduate school.

  • Educational Therapy
  • School Neuropsychological Assessments
  • Psycho-Educational Assessments
  • Autism Assessments
  • Preschool Assessments
  • Speech Language Assessments
  • IQ and/or achievement testing
  • Independent Educational Evaluations (IEE’s)
  • Advocacy
  • Speech Language Pathologist Services
  • Counseling and Psychotherapy – Individuals and Groups


Assessment can be in the form of a full psycho-educational or school neuropsychological, speech/language assessment; IQ testing; partial assessment to answer specific questions or supplement another evaluation; and/or a social emotional screening. Observations might also be completed as a part of the assessment process and a diagnosis can be provided. Areas for which we assess and diagnose include; ADHD, Autism, social communication disorder, anxiety, depression, language disorder, developmental coordination disorder, specific learning disorder with impairment in: reading/dyslexia, mathematics/dyscalculia,  and written expression/dysgraphia.

Educational Therapy

Our Educational Therapy services focus on reading decoding and comprehension, spelling, math, written expression, executive functioning, and social emotional learning/test anxiety.  We use programs such as Barton, Wilson, Visualizing and Verbalizing, and Making Math Real as well as a variety of other interventions to address the underlying aspects of learning differences so that students are able to study/learn in the way that works best for them.  We have students bring in their assigned work and teach them more efficient learning methods through the work they already need to complete.  We find that this helps students to more readily see the value in and generalize the strategies they are being taught.

Educational Consultation

Educational consultation addresses questions about learning needs, school placement, specific services, and navigating school systems/procedures. Consultation can help determine if assessment is necessary or when it might be most beneficial. Consultative services can include a review of previous assessments and school records (including 504 plans and IEPs) to determine which school and private interventions would be most effective. Through consultation, we can also address questions about such educational options as specialized schools, private schools, non-public schools, and public school services.

Speech and Language Pathologist

Our Speech and Language Pathologist services address articulation and language/communication difficulties as well as a variety of related skills.  More specifically, we also provide direct training in the areas of social communication, executive functioning, phonological awareness, vocabulary, reading decoding and comprehension, math reasoning, and written expression.  In addition to the more typical SLP support, students with language-based needs are also able to bring in their assigned work and learn more effective study/processing techniques to address the language-based weaknesses that are currently interfering with their academic and/or social success.  We find that teaching these skills through the work they already need to complete helps students ‘buy-in’ and generalize strategies more quickly.


Advocacy services are provided to help families navigate school systems, procedures, and services. We can provide school and home observations, attend school meetings, coach parents and adult students as they work with service providers, and help determine what services are needed. Our goal is to work cooperatively with schools to help students access appropriate services and recommend private interventions to supplement those services as needed.

Counseling and Psychotherapy

At Turning Points, we provide counseling/psychotherapy for groups, couples, and individuals of all ages.  Our therapeutic services help promote effective and lasting change for difficulties related to anxiety, depression, social relationships, family dynamics, life changes, parenting challenges, academic confidence, and test anxiety.  For younger children, play therapy and sand tray work can help to facilitate emotional expression when verbalization is challenging.  We also use an eclectic approach of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Communication Training, and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) strategies to promote a better understanding of strengths and challenges, develop essential coping skills, and reaffirm a love of life, sense of self, and relationship to the community as a whole.

Why seek a private assessment?

Public school assessments identify significant learning disabilities and determine eligibility for Special Education services. Services are then provided based on what a student needs in order to make “appropriate” academic progress, not as much progress as their capabilities allow. Those evaluations typically do not include recommendations for private interventions because then the school district will be obligated to pay for those interventions.

A private assessment will provide a comprehensive picture of both strengths and challenges in all areas of learning. Even mild learning differences are identified and a diagnosis can be provided, if applicable and needed. The private evaluations provided at Turning Points Educational Solutions also include individualized recommendations for school services/accommodations as well as private and home-based interventions. Assessment information is used to identify the most beneficial and cost-effective researched-based interventions so that students are able to make optimal growth and progress in their learning.