Students at LeBron James’ I Promise School Show Vast Academic Improvement, Barack Obama Takes Notice: ‘Proud to Be a Witness’

Students at the I Promise School have been showing good gains. It is a public school that provides robust student/family support via full funding from a combination of state funds, district funds, and additional funds from mental health agencies and Lebron James. Class sizes are capped at 20, the school day and year are longer than typical (9am-5pm and July 30-May 17), a seven-week STEM-based summer program is offered to students, and all teacher supplies are provided. Teachers have access to free mental health, career development, and personal trainers. All students are provided breakfast/lunch/snack, school supplies/computer access, free transportation, and are guaranteed college access/tuition if they graduate. Family wrap-around support is provided, parents of students have access to a GED program if they didn’t graduate high school, and parents have access to a food bank and resources to help them find jobs and suitable housing. Just think of how things would be different if all public schools had resources to provide needed supports like this to students, families, and staff.

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