Christina “Tina” Bentel

Christina “Tina” Bentel, M.Ed.

Educational Specialist

Christina Bentel, M.Ed, affectionately referred to as “Tina,” is delighted to be a part of the Turning Points team as an Educational Specialist. She earned her Master’s in Education from Loyola University in Baltimore, specializing in Early Childhood Education and Montessori Education. Additionally, Christina holds an Association Montessori Internationale Diploma for primary grades and a Bachelor of Arts from Pacific Oaks College, with a focus on Human Development and Cultural Diversity Awareness.

One of her recent accomplishments includes receiving training in the IMSE Orton-Gillingham method and Phonemic Awareness. She continues to advance her expertise in this area and the Science of Reading with training in additional programs, like; Wilson, Barton, Visualizing and Verbalizing.

Christina’s passion for teaching has been a lifelong calling, and her dedication to children, combined with her commitment to activism and positive change, led to her role in Montessori education, which she practiced for well over a decade. While initially taking the IMSE Orton-Gillingham training to enhance her Montessori practice, she quickly recognized its potential to benefit a wide range of children from diverse backgrounds and varied learning profiles. This realization inspired her to bring her passion and expertise to early literacy tutoring, where she can help students learn in the way that works best for them.

As a child advocate, Christina has a remarkable ability to connect with children on their level. She believes in a holistic and nurturing approach to education, creating a safe environment where children can develop self-confidence in their learning. She values open communication with families and prioritizes teamwork in the educational process. One of her work references, a mother of a child that Christina previously taught, actually became tearful when discussing what a positive difference Christina made in that child’s educational experience and life. This mother went on to say that if all teachers were like Christina, education would be a much more positive experience for every student.

Christina’s greatest sources of pride and joy are her two daughters and her husband. In her leisure time, she enjoys playing music, dancing, leading her Scout troops, and spending quality moments with her family. She also has a deep love for reading, traveling, and welcomes any book or travel recommendations!

Her professional associations include:

· Association Montessori Internationale

· American Montessori Association, NAEYC

· International Literacy Association