Attention School Leaders: Students are Demanding Anti-Racist Curriculum and Instruction

Ready to take a concrete action towards anti-racism in schools? This article provides several examples of letters and petitions that can be created to get our own school leaders to adopt anti-racist curriculum, hiring practices, and staff training. It also provides suggested readings to facilitate in-class conversations about anti-racism in the science, literature, and history …

But I Don’t See Color

Another great resource for educators. You can purchase the entire eBook or individual chapters (previews available).Abstract: “Racism is still very prevalent and pervasive in all aspects of the P-12 educational experience in the United States. Far too many teachers and administrators continue to respond to this challenge by applying colorblind perspectives and approaches. This edited …

Say Their Names: A Toolkit to Help Foster Productive Conversations about Race and Disobedience

“The Chicago Public Schools developed this toolkit to “help foster productive conversations about race and civil disobedience”. It includes resources for parents and educators as they engage young people in conversation about “race, racism, racial violence, understanding biases, and how to take action for racial justice”.

Film Study of Ava DuVernay’s “13th”: Three C’s Learning

13th is a must watch documentary for mature teens and up. This article contains a study guide to help us all meaningfully process the information and find ways to turn our knowledge into concrete action.

37 Children’s Books To Help Talk About Racism and Discrimination

What if we all used our quarantine time to shift our focus from the celebrations and activities that we are missing to actions we can take to create a more equal world? This time in history provides an incredible opportunity to further educate ourselves, engage in important discussions with each other and our children/students, and …