Wearing a Mask–Tips to Teach Children

This article includes links to downloadable and printable social stories that can help students with autism and social communication needs become more comfortable with masks.https://www.drdaycare.com/wearing-a-face-mask-tips-to-teac…/Wearing a mask in public may be new for children. To help reduce the spread of the coronavirus (COVID 19), the CDC is recommending everyone wear a face mask (not including …

Psychologists Give Strategies for Overcoming Quarantine Fatigue

This article suggests getting back to basics, like; eating healthy, being active, and getting enough sleep. Also, knowing that this is the way it’s going to be for a while and focusing on what you do have, instead of what you’ve had to give up, is important. https://www-inverse-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/www.inverse.com/mind-body/how-to-overcome-quarantine-fatigue/amp?fbclid=IwAR1zLh2vJyeRNDlnMeQzLXY1gY_xtBR4F7113XVi0iWdOBgXWmlvud-9eBE

Sacramento Native Helps Parents Explain Coronavirus Through Children’s Book

This book helps explain Covid-19 and issues like hoarding, empathy, misinformation, and coping with big emotions to children. And it’s a bonus that all profits go to support children’s nonprofits! https://www.abc10.com/article/news/local/sacramento/childrens-book-coronavirus/103-0ea91b04-0d5d-463b-8222-4c1ff89015a2?fbclid=IwAR2xaNwo3dteiHBI2XYTBMY5_1HuRiQWJZfiIvmlUOF2mSrBmwAh-2cCXcc

Parenting Tips for Helping Kids Deal with Coronavirus Anxiety

As we further settle into our new normal, this article provides great tips for taking care of yourself, how to talk to kids of various ages about Covid-19, and how to reduce kids’ anxiety. https://www.unicefusa.org/stories/coronavirus-anxiety-parenting-tips-help-children/37267?fbclid=IwAR3Dyjg-sYvSWQhS7veG24IHHZZ-ZFujWzrRHYsTk4THD8dFPJ8e6g9na2Y