Coping in Hard Times: Fact Sheet for Youth High School and College Age

This fact sheets “helps high school and college students understand how economic difficulties may affect them and provides suggestions on how they can cope during these uncertain times.

Desperate for Fall Enrollees, Campuses are Luring Students with Campus Perks and Cold Cash

Heads-up everyone: “Low-income and first-generation families don’t know they should be reaching out to colleges and asking for more money (are being left behind by these changes). One new tool just unveiled is meant to help less well-connected students navigate this process; called SwiftStudent and produced by several nonprofit organizations and foundations, it automatically generates …

Rice University to offer free tuition to low-income and middle-income undergraduate students

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US students seeking an undergraduate degree at Rice University with family incomes under $130,000 won’t pay tuition. Those with family incomes below $65,000 will also receive aid to cover fees and housing.

CSUN Launches 2-Year Program for People with Intellectual Disabilities

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Yay, Cal State Northridge! We found other similar programs at College of Adaptive Arts in San Jose, University of Iowa (REACH), Clemson (LIFE), and Mississippi State (ACCESS). Please comment below if you’ve heard of others.

How These Graduates Out-Earn those from Harvard and Stanford

Harvey Mudd describes its curriculum as “an academic boot camp in the STEM disciplines — math, physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, and engineering — as well as classes in writing and critical inquiry that give students a broad scientific foundation and the skills to think and to solve problems across disciplines.” Read the full article …