Kids Know How to Occupy Themselves. We Need to Let Them Do It: Life Kit.

As we continue in some version of a shelter-in-place, teaching children to occupy themselves not only helps parents who are working from home but children also benefit from learning how to entertain and educate themselves.…/kids-know-how-to-occupy-themselves-we…American parents often feel like event planners for their kids. There’s a pressure to make sure kids are entertained and content …

Quaranteenagers: Strategies for Parenting in Close Quarters

Empathizing with their feelings, making space for relief, allowing time for connecting socially through digital media, be considerate of requests for alone time, and engaging their help in problem-solving family needs can go a long way in helping teens during the shelter in place.

How Parents Can Help Their Kids While Managing Distance Learning

Their points include: start with fun, build a routine, trust the teachers, when stumped turn it over to the teachers, take frequent 10 minute walks (without a phone), both parents take responsibility for student learning, remember to wait for answers, stifle your own perfectionism, reinforce positively, and keep it low-key.