What Anti-racist Teachers Do Differently

“To fight against systemic racism means to buck norms. Educators at every level must be willing to be uncomfortable in their struggle for black students, recognizing students’ power and feeding it by honoring their many contributions to our schools. Teachers need to insist on using their own power to consistently reveal and examine their practice, …

Foundational Texts–Teaching While White

In order to dismantle systemic racism, we all need to start by educating ourselves. This article provides resources for educators who want to learn more about race, anti-racism, anti-bias professional development, organizational theory change, and historical/social perspectives. Let’s get started on our own summer reading! https://teachingwhilewhite.org/foundational-texts?fbclid=IwAR172GQUWF4bqm-DETyInN0DDfaBK03wm122pahc-ulq7-3IEZLqoMgg7sA