Summer 2024 Groups!

This summer we’ll be offering online and in-person groups for 4 to 8 students.

Courses available:

  • Imagine That!! Visualizing & Verbalizing: Stories to develop imagery for oral and written language comprehension. (6th-8th)
  • Seeing Stars Decoding: Decoding practice for accuracy and fluency. (3rd -5th)
  • Writers Workshop: Instructional practices designed to help students become confident writers. (6th-8th) and/or (3rd-5th)
  • Math Fluency: On Cloud 9, Khan Academy, IXL, Multiplication and Division Fact Fluency, Instructional Strategies to help build fact fluency. (3rd-6th)
  • Executive Functioning for young learners: Executive Functioning Skills from A-Z: Mini lessons for every letter of the alphabet! Example of skills targeted: activating your brain, being self-aware, choices, developing a plan, flexible thinking, goal setting, initiating tasks, listening, meeting deadlines, time management….and more! (3rd-5th/6th)
  • Executive Functioning for secondary students: Organization, planning, breaking up big tasks, and getting ready to go to college (8th grade and up)
  • College Application Essays: express your story through writing
  • Organizing College Application Materials
  • College Success: career coaching as student nears graduation, understanding the college system, choosing classes/majors.
  • Math intensive: one week on place value and fractions (1st-3rd and 4th-6th) 
  • Reading intensive: decoding, fluency, and comprehension (approx. 3-5th grade)

Get in touch with us at info@turningpointsed.com for more information.



The name Turning Points Educational Solutions was chosen to remind us that we each have the power to make turns or changes in our lives that lead to growth and success. As learners and individuals, we all face challenges. Once we have a clear picture of our unique strengths and needs, we can face those challenges by pursuing personalized strategies and interventions that allow us to more easily navigate our own path to success.

Our mission is to help clients identify their individual strengths and challenges in order to advocate for their needs, study and learn more efficiently, access the most effective interventions and services, and perform at the level of which they are capable.  We provide comprehensive evaluations and individualized interventions/services to help clients navigate their own path toward lifelong success.

What makes Turning Points Educational Solutions unique

  • We provide a variety of assessments (psycho-educational, school neuropsychological, Independent Educational Evaluations/IEEs, autism, gifted/IQ and twice-exceptional/2E) and services (educational therapy/specialized tutoring, executive functioning coaching, and advocacy)
  • Assessment reports are detailed with an individualized recommendation plan that includes research-based interventions and contact information for professionals that provide those interventions
  • Expertise with both school-based services and private interventions
  • Experience with all ages, preschool through college/adulthood
  • Consultation about IEP’s, 504 Accommodation/Modification Plans, school-based accommodations/services, and private interventions
  • Resources-sample letters to request assessment, practical interventions, and Facebook/blog posts
  • Our assessment providers each have experience working as school psychologists in public schools as well as in private practice settings